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We will contact you shortly! In the meantime read some interesting news and articles about our company and how we are helping people across the globe! 


Why Did We Create Rooted303?

When people go through addiction or other transitions they start from ground zero. Some relationships have been wrecked, self-image shattered and some..


Helping People Across The Globe

Relief and outreach trips to Puerto Rico and other locations to help with needs across the globe...


Rooted303 Creates Local Jobs!

We will be opening a coffee house. It will be a brick and mortar location. We will use this as an intern program for people to work alongside us. We can teach job skills and interpersonal skills while they...


Building the Community For Generations To Come

Financial donations help us sponsor people in transition (people coming out of rehabilitation) to attend life skill and job skill classes. Financial donations also sponsor individuals for the work intern...

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