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Rooted 303 helps those impacted by addiction with services to ignite their passion, discover their purpose, and reclaim their future. We do this by offering personal development classes, recovery coaching, support groups, and impactful volunteer opportunities. We start where other support programs stop.

Our 3 Core Values

Rooted 303 is assisting people in moving forward to their next step. Rooted 303 utilizes the talents and gifts that everyone has in light of their passions. Rooted 303 is unified in community. 

Our Board


Domingo Cruz


Originally from Florida, Domingo grew up in the midst of addiction, family disfunction and poverty.  He has seen first hand the impact that education and assistance has on individuals, families and communities.


Domingo has a love for people and a drive to see them take steps to improving their lives and rebuilding their families.  He has worked closely with those struggling and believes community and continued assistance are missing pieces to successfully moving forward.  That's why he founded Rooted 303.  We pick up where other programs end, filling in the gaps!

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Julie Kessler

Board Member

Julie is the Vice President of Business Development at A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections - Lone Tree, and her passion for serving others is what makes her stand out. 


In her free time, she enjoys attending yoga classes, walking her dog, and going on hikes in the beautiful Colorado mountains. 


Christine Giuliani, MA, LPCC, NCC,CNTP 

Board Member

Christine is passionate about healing the whole person through spiritual exploration, nutrition and lifestyle changes, and integrative mental health modalities. Christine believes the mind and body are divinely designed to heal itself and when we provide it the opportunity to do that, it will do just that, truly heal. 


She has two grown daughters who bring beauty to this world through their passion for helping others (one an acupuncturist and chiropractor, the other a counselor working with children and adolescents). Additionally, she has two wonderful grandsons who are kind, caring, strong and bring their own beauty to this crazy world. She feels blessed to be living the life she is living and super excited to have an opportunity to join this journey with Rooted 303.


Candra Monte,


Board Member

Candra brings over a decade of experience in the Human Resources management field, primarily in health care.  Addiction has impacted her life in many ways. Candra is a firm believer that with love, support ,and community, people can overcome their struggles with substance use and live a life of freedom.


Candra is inspired by the way that Rooted 303 walks alongside individuals who are in recovery and provides them a place of community and support.  She is thrilled to serve on the board of an organization who impacts people's lives every day and who helps a community of people reclaim their lives. 


Danielle Staples, Ph.D.

Board Member

Danielle is a passionate and active member of the community where she serves on several non-profit boards. She is a wife and mother of two beautiful children and loves to participate in their school activities and functions. Professionally, Danielle serves as an administrator at a local community college where she is dedicated to innovation, inclusivity, and student success. 


Danielle was drawn to the mission of Rooted 303, and after speaking with the founders, knew she had to be a part of the board. Throughout her youth, Danielle watched her sister struggle with chemical dependency and ultimately lose her battle with substance abuse. Danielle feels strongly that the Rooted 303 programming and supports can help normalize the process of recovery, and connect individuals and their families to people, education, and resources to ensure a successful path forward. 

One Life Changed
Can Change The World

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