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Resilience and Recovery Coaching

Why Having a Recovery Coach is Important

Rooted 303 believes in the power of community, and that is why we offer peer coaching that is available to teens and adults. We are all in recovery from something, and no matter what that may be for you, our coaches are here to walk alongside you in your recovery process. 

Our coaches offer their knowledge from lived experiences and will provide you with resources to help you build a firm foundation as well as an action plan to keep you encouraged and motivated to stay on the course of recovery. We have a compassionate and nonjudgmental approach, and our main goal is to empower people in our community. We are here to advocate for you, encourage you, and be your support person as you navigate through your recovery journey. 

With a recovery coach you will:

  1. Have a peer to offer you guidance and support

  2. Be held accountable so your chances of reaching you recovery goals increases

  3. Get connected to the resources in your community

  4. Work to prevent relapse

And so much more! 

If you are interested in learning more and connecting with a resilience/recovery coach, please click the button below! 

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